Is Avatar A Must See?

Posted: 12/19/2009 in Films

I haven’t seen Avatar. Nor do I have plans to rush out and see it. But for those who are thinking of going, here’s a couple of reviews:

“The intense publicity surrounding the film, as well as several ecstatic early reviews, have set the bar very high. For this critic, Avatar doesn’t come anywhere near clearing that bar—not in the performances, not in the lavish visuals and certainly not in the film’s entirely derivative storytelling.

“In order to attain even a modicum of satisfaction from the film, one should see it only on a big screen, preferably in 3D. However, if you go strictly for the experience, be prepared for a gooey, New Age romance with thematic elements that will likely make you squirm. Avatar may represent the future of film visuals, but its script is strictly retro.”

To see the full review, click here.

PluggedIn film critics had this take:

“Extended scenes of near nudity (blue though it may be), intense violence and more than a little profanity pop out as much as the immersive 3-D imagery does.

“Cameron’s message in Avatar is something like this: Genocidal plunderers are devoid of spiritual enlightenment and driven by their compulsive lust for another people’s resources. Time reviewer Richard Corliss wrote of the motif, ‘This is not only the most elaborate public-service commercial for those of the tree-hugger persuasion; it’s also a call to save what we’ve got, environmentally, and leave indigenous people as they are—an argument applicable to the attempt of any nation (say, the U.S.) to colonize another land (say, Iraq or Afghanistan).'”

Get the full review here.

Have you seen it? What’s your view?


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