The Return of VIDEO VEGGIE

Posted: 02/26/2012 in Personal, Television, Video Games

My first encounter with “Space Invaders” was at a pizza shop in 1978. Although lame by today’s HI DEF standards, that B&W video game had me dreaming of zapping aliens in my sleep. Who would have imagined Space Invaders would go on to spark an international craze of video games, with US sales pegged at $17 billion in 2011.

In a prophetic sort-of way, back in 1982 when I wrote the satirical tune “Video Veggie,” I envisioned a nation of “vidiots” glued to their screens. Turns out I was right on the money. But I digress.

Just for fun, I recorded “Video Veggie” at Morning Star Studios in Spring House, PA and pressed a thousand 45s. I mailed a copy to Dr. Demento who, demonstrating his good taste, placed it into his rotation. Within weeks it hit the coveted Dr. Demento Funny Five at #5, just behind Weird Al’s “My Bologna.”

The B-side of “Video Veggie” was another satirical tune I’d written back in college during the disco craze called, “Disco Twinky.” I mailed a copy of that novelty song to KZ106/Chattanooga who was participating in the Big America Music Contest. Low and behold, “Disco Twinky” made the album.

And while I still have a small box of 45s with these two classic underground hits somewhere in my garage gathering dust, precious few have or even know what a turntable is. As an act of grand benevolence on my part, I plan on posting “Video Veggie” for the world to enjoy in perpetuity—just as soon as I figure out how to add audio to this blog. [;o)

Meanwhile, you can hear the song in YouTube Land by clicking here . . . and don’t forget to let me know what you think.


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