I am a 5-time New York Times bestselling collaborator and author, having penned more than 26 books. Even with more than 1.3 million works in print, I’m still an author of rare books. I even saw several copies of my books in the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble . . . directly next to titles by Stephen King—which was pretty cool in an ironic sort of way.

My seminal work on media literacy is LEARN TO DISCERN (Zondervan) which, at the time of it’s release in August of 1992, was the first Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) book to carry a warning label.

Since that time, I’ve been young, I’ve been old; I’ve been male, and I’ve been female—five of them, actually; I’ve been saved, and I’ve been unsaved; and I’ve written about romance, politics, faith, marriage, entertainment and backpacks. Sometimes I write fiction, sometimes non-fiction, sometimes I mix and match as needed (otherwise known as creative license).

Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Tim LaHaye (co-creator of the Left Behind series), Grammy Award wining Point of Grace, Skip Yowell (founder of JanSport), David Gibbs (attorney for the Terri Schiavo case), Dennis Rainey (President of FamilyLife), and Jim Daly (President of Focus on the Family).

One of my favorite books, The Devil in Pew Number 7, is a New York Times best-seller and was featured on The Dr. Phil Show. If all goes according to plans, SONY will be making a movie of that incredible true story. Maybe I’ll get a bit part.

Prior to my twelve-year caveman-like existence churning out books, I served as the Youth Culture Specialist for Focus on the Family. In that capacity, I was the founding editor of PluggedIn magazine and conducted the multi-media seminar A Generation at Risk in more than 300 North American cities.

I’ve debated Frank Zappa in a State Senate hearing, and Luther Campbell (2LiveCrew), Wendy O. Williams (the Plasmatics) Kool Moe Dee, and some dude from Suicidal Tendencies on national TV. Rumor has it my stellar debate on The Phil Donahue Show might be one of the reasons why Phil retired from television—sounds good to me. By contrast, my interview on Good Morning America didn’t cause anyone to close up shop.

I’ve had the privilege of serving as an Associate Publisher and Acquisitions Editor for HarperCollins Christian Publishing for three years. As of Black Friday 2013, I returned to authoring books on the other side of the desk. After penning three books in 2014, I took the position of Editor-in-Chief at Regnery Faith on January 1, 2015.

Beyond the Job

While my work has me racking up thousands of frequent flier miles, I prefer to stay close to home with my four incredible children—well, one’s married and left the fold—and with my wife of 20 years, Leticia, who is an amazing woman.

My hobbies include playing guitar (’72 Gibson SG), playing cards, carpentry, and dabbling in various entrepreneurial endeavors.  At the moment, we live south of Nashville, Tennessee and love it—although I spend my free time dreaming of living in Seaside, Florida.

  1. wifeee says:

    That’s a good picture of us 😀

  2. David Brackett says:

    Interesting reflections! Seems I remember something about a Gibson SG, even remember a Gretsch in your past, but nice to hear your current interests!

    Nice to reflect on the “old days”, with best wishes…

    • bobdemoss says:

      Yeah, and I remember something about jamming on guitars with a certain long haired buddy who was pretty incredible at Ultimate Frisbee! Nice to hear from you Dave. Still got the Yamaha?

  3. Tim says:

    Hey Bob, are you the same guy who was the vocalist and guitar player for group called The Scam back in 83 who did Video Veggie?

    • bobdemoss says:

      Yup. Same guy. Still have a copy of the Dr Demento Show when Video Veggie made the Funny Top Five. I probably have a few of those 45s still lying around. The B-side was another zany tune called Disco Twinky!

  4. Wade Melton says:

    I remember that Gibson SG wailing “Get Saved” one night when Lazy Boy and the Recliners crashed a youth convention in Columbus, Ohio.

    What an incredible journey God has taken you on…since the days of Teen Vision. Way to be obedient to His lead.

    • bobdemoss says:

      I probably have a cassette copy of that show featuring our guest vocalist Wade Melton! Seems I’ve had several variations of the La-Z-Boy and the Recliners along the way—including a show in Canada with the boys from PFR (Pray For Rain) jammin’ with La-Z-Boy. Great memories!

  5. Hey Bob – Looking for your pizza place. Bryan can’t remember what it’s called. Love your blog! Stacy (Pizza by the Sea)

  6. […] Bob DeMoss, friend, former business partner, best-selling author, and more (letter) […]

  7. J Richter says:

    Bob! I listened to the very episode of Dr. Demento when Video Veggie premiered & love that song! I think about it often but haven’t heard it in 28yrs. Any chance you could hook me up with an mp3 of it? I’ve been searching for that song FOREVER!

    • bobdemoss says:

      I’ve actually got a few 45s of Video Veggie somewhere in the stack of boxes in the garage. If I can find a copy, I’ll post a mp3 link of it. The B side of the record is DISCO TWINKY, another satirical tune of mine that Dr. Demento played back in the day. Did you catch that one? I’ll post it, too, just for fun! Can’t believe you actually heard VV and remember it after almost 3 decades! Oh, and I just found this link to Dr. Demento’s playlist with Video Veggie in slot 5 just behind Weird Al!

  8. J Richter says:

    I’d love to hear it, Bob! I have not heard “Disco Twinky” so upload it as well if you can. I remember “Video Veggie” pretty well, mostly from the distinct chorus, but I was a 13-year old video game junkie at the time & anything pertaining to my addiction got my attention! lol

  9. Duane Keenan says:

    Nothing about the Hoagie Hut/CovCol Days?

  10. Debbie Wilson says:

    Mr. DeMoss,
    I am looking for someone to help me with a book I am writing. Is there any way I can send you some information about the book?
    Thank you,
    Debbie Wilson

    • bobdemoss says:

      Hey Debbie,

      I am not currently collaborating with authors on writing projects. However, you might consider sharing your story with a literary agent. If he or she believes your story has the makings of a book, they can connect you with any number of writers. A fantastic resource to find a list of literary agents is the book The Writers Market. Hope that helps! — Bob

  11. Jamie says:

    Did you also write the song “Oh, How the Angels Are Falling?” on this release? http://www.discogs.com/Cindy-Morgan-Under-The-Waterfall/release/2075542

  12. Tom Furlong says:

    Bob, funny thing happened, I never watched the Phil Donahue Show – happened to be in a hotel and turned on the tv and there you were getting blepped out! Awesome. Peace to you my freiend.

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