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Ask any prisoner why they were sent to prison and they’ll tell you they were innocent; they didn’t do anything. They don’t deserve to be in jail. Yeah, right! Not me. I’m fully aware that I’m guilty as charged. For what, you ask? For having the courage, yes the guts, to fight and even die if necessary for what I believed in.

My name is Barabbas. I killed a man with my two hands. That’s why theImage Romans threw me in a stinky prison. They condemned me to die—well, at least that’s part of their reason. The way I see it, they didn’t appreciate my efforts to overthrow their evil, Roman Empire. Insurrection—yeah, that’s the fancy word they used.

They said I was a menace to society and I must be silenced. So much for freedom of speech. I was just acting upon my convictions. I put into action what most people around me only dream of doing—which is why the Romans came and arrested me. I had a trial; I was found guilty. According to Roman law, I had to be crucified. They tossed me into prison to await the day I would be nailed to a cross. (more…)